Ballarat Shuttles with D3 639 and Y112

Beautifully restored Y Class 112 and D3 Class 639 on a recent trip from Ballarat in Central West Victoria, Australia, to Newport Workshops via North Geelong.

Y112 was one of 31 locomotives built by the Phoenix Foundry of Ballarat during 1889, it was originally numbered 405. Passenger locomotives of the Victoria Railway during the 19th Century carried odd numbers while freight locomotives carried even numbers, re-numbering took place during the early days of the 20th century. Also during this period the R Class built from 1889 was re-classed as Y Class in 1924, both locomotives were identical.

D3 Class 639 was one of 7 of the class built by the Phoenix Foundry of Ballarat, in all 261 were built with 138 being built by the Victoria Railways at the Newport Workshops, these locomotives became the backbone of the VR Passenger services going through several re-builds from the original Dd Class, to D1, D2 and finally D3 Class.

Bannockburn.jpg D3-Bannockburn.jpg D3-Bannockburn2.jpg D3-Bannockburn3.jpg D3-Gates.jpg
D3-Meredith.jpg D3-Meredith2.jpg D3-Moorabool.jpg D3-Moorabool2.jpg D3-Paddock.jpg
D3-Pistol-ClubRoad.jpg D3-TarongaRd.jpg D3-Werribee.jpg Elaine.jpg Gheringhap-Dep.jpg
LittleRiver.jpg Moorabool.jpg Moorabool-2.jpg Navigators-Yendon.jpg Seddon.jpg
Warrenheip.jpg Werribee.jpg Y112-FraisersRoad.jpg Y-D3-Ballarat-East.jpg Y-Gates.jpg