Star Trek Original Series Episodes List

Stardate Episode
130? The Cage
Ten years before James T. Kirk takes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike and his starship crew receive a distress signal from the planet Talos IV and beam down to investigate. (unaired pilot)
1312.4 Where No Man Has Gone Before
The Enterprise is sent to investigate the destruction of the S.S. Valiant. (original air date: September 22, 1966)
1329.1 Mudd's Women
The Enterprise pursues an unknown ship into an asteroid belt to save its crew before it's destroyed. (Mudd appears again on stardate 4513.3) (original air date: October 13, 1966)
1512.2 The Corbomite Maneuver
While exploring an uncharted region of space, the Enterprise comes upon an alien space buoy which warns the ship away and blocks the starship's path. Kirk's orders the phasers to destroy the buoy but immediately an alien's ship appears and traps the starship. (original air date: November 10, 1966)
1513.1 The Man Trap
The Enterprise arrives at planet M-113 to deliver supplies to Dr. Robert Crater and his wife, Nancy, with whom McCoy was once romantically involved. (first episode aired) (original air date: September 8, 1966)
1533.6 Charlie X
Charles Evans, the lone survivor of a crashed colonizing expedition to the planet Thasus, comes aboard the Enterprise from the S.S. Antares. (original air date: September 15, 1966)
1672.1 The Enemy Within
While orbiting the planet Alpha 177, the Enterprise experiences a transporter malfunction that results in two Captain Kirk's being beamed aboard. (original air date: October 6, 1966)
1704.2 The Naked Time
Spock and Joe Tormolen beam down to planet Psi 2000 to pick up a research party before the planet disintegrates. They find everyone has died, frozen when life support was turned off. The Next Generation crew find themselves in a similar situation in the episode The Naked Now. (original air date: September 29, 1966)
1709 Balance of Terror
The marriage of Angela Martine and Robert Tomlinson is interrupted when a Romulan warbird attacks and destroys Outpost 4, which guards the Neutral Zone between Federation and Romulan space. (original air date: December 15, 1966)
2124.5 The Squire of Gothos
The Enterprise must cross an empty sector of space on their way to deliver supplies to Colony Beta VI. In this space, they find an uncharted planet whose presence can't be explained. (original air date: January 12, 1967)
2534.0 Patterns of Force
On a routine check of the planet Ekos, the Enterprise is attacked with a thermonuclear missile. According to Federation surveys, the culture on Ekos should not be able to support that kind of technology. (original air date: February 16, 1968)
2712.4 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
The Enterprise arrives in orbit around Exo III, to search for exobiologist Dr. Roger Korby. (original air date: October 20, 1966)
2713.5 Miri
The Enterprise answers an old distress signal to find an unnamed planet that is almost an exact duplicate of Earth in the 1960's. (original air date: October 27, 1966)
2715.1 Dagger of the Mind
When Dr. Simon van Gelder, part of the psychiatric staff at the Tantalus Penal Colony escapes to the Enterprise, exhibiting signs of manic insanity, an enraged McCoy insists that Kirk investigate the colony. (original air date: November 3, 1966)
2817.6 The Conscience of the King
Kirk suspects that Anton Karidian, the head actor in a theater troupe, is really "Kodos the Executioner", the man who ordered half of his planet's population executed to end a severe food shortage. (original air date: December 8, 1966)
2821.5 The Galileo Seven
On its way to deliver medical supplies to plague-ridden Hansen's Planet, the Enterprise passes Murasake 312. McCoy, Spock, Scott and four crewmen take a shuttlecraft, the Galileo, for a closer look. (original air date: January 5, 1967)
2947.3 Court-Martial
When the Enterprise puts in at Starbase 11 for repairs caused in an ion storm, Kirk gives his report of the circumstances of Lt. Comm. Ben Finney death to Commodore Stone. The Commodore informs Kirk that he will have to stand trial for possible court marshal for the death. (original air date: February 2, 1967)
3012.4 The Menagerie, Part I
The Enterprise and her crew are diverted by a signal from the former captain of the Enterprise on Starbase 6, and proceed to the call. (original air date: November 17, 1966)
3013.1 The Menagerie, Part II
(original air date: November 24, 1966)
3018.2 Catspaw
On the planet Pyris VII, two beings known as Korob and Sylvia have been sent on a mission of conquest by their home world. (original air date: October 27, 1967)
3025.3 Shore Leave
A Enterprise landing party beams down to an uncharted planet which seems like a perfect candidate for shore leave with it's Earth-type characteristics. (original air date: December 29, 1966)
3045.6 Arena
The Enterprise is in pursuit of an unknown alien ship which has destroyed a Starfleet base on Cestus III. In an uncharted area of space, both the alien ship and the Enterprise are caught by an advanced race called Metrons. (original air date: January 19, 1967)
3087.6 The Alternative Factor
While orbiting what should be a dead planet, the Enterprise experiences a moment of "nonexistence." Starfleet Command fears an enemy invasion and orders Kirk to find out what caused the stellar system disturbance. (original air date: March 30, 1967)
3113.2 Tomorrow is Yesterday
When the Enterprise is thrown into a time warp by a black star, it ends up orbiting Earth in the 20th century. (original air date: January 26, 1967)
3134.0 The City on the Edge of Forever
Doctor McCoy leaps through a living time machine called "The Guardian of Forever." At that moment, the U.S.S. Enterprise ceases to exist and the landing party is stranded. (original air date: April 6, 1967)
3141.9 Space Seed
A piece of one of history's great puzzles falls into place when Kirk's crew comes across the S.S. Botany Bay. The ship contains Khan Noonian Singh, a genetically engineered strongman and one of the great leaders of Earth's Eugenics War. (See Khan again in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.) (original air date: February 16, 1967)
3156.2 The Return of the Archons
The Enterprise is investigating Beta III, where the U.S.S. Archon disappeared over 100 years before. (original air date: February 9, 1967)
3192.1 A Taste of Armageddon
The Enterprise is ordered to pick up Ambassador Robert Fox, who is headed to planet Eminiar VII on a diplomatic mission. Upon arriving at the planet, the ship is warned away. (original air date: February 23, 1967)
3196.1 The Devil in the Dark
The Enterprise arrives to investigate reports of an unknown monster deep in the mining tunnels of Janus VI. The being is apparently destroying machinery and killing the miners, and has the ability to burrow through solid rock. (original air date: March 9, 1967)
3198.4 Errand of Mercy
Kirk and Spock beam down to the surface of planet Organia to negotiate for the erection of a Federation base. Hostilities between the Klingon Empire and Federation have reached alarming heights and it is feared that the medieval culture of the Organians will not be able to withstand a Klingon attack. (original air date: March 23, 1967)
3211.7 The Gamesters of Triskelion
During a routine transport to a planet, Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov are intercepted and abducted by a powerful and distant transporter beam. (original air date: January 5, 1968)
3219.4 Metamorphosis
Assistant Federation Commissioner Nancy Hedford has become ill while trying to stop a war on Epsilon Canaris III. The shuttlecraft Galileo is assigned to take her to the Enterprise, where she will receive treatment for the otherwise fatal Sakuro's disease. (See Zefram Cochrane again in the movie Star Trek VIII: First Contact.) (original air date: November 10, 1967)
3287.2 Operation-Annihilate!
Arriving at the planet Deneva the Enterprise picks up a transmission from a Denevan pilot who has steered his craft into the sun to destroy some unknown menace. (original air date: April 13, 1967)
3372.7 Amok Time
When Spock begins to exhibit strange, erratic behavior, Kirk asks McCoy to conduct a medical examination. McCoy concludes that Spock is experiencing a potentially lethal internal distress. (original air date: September 15, 1967)
3417.3 This Side of Paradise
Expecting the colonists of Omicron Ceti III to be dead after three years of exposure to deadly Berthold rays, Kirk and Spock are surprised to find the colony alive and flourishing. (original air date: March 2, 1967)
3451.9 The Changeling
The Enterprise is sent to investigate the destruction of the Malurian System and its four billion inhabitants. When it arrives at the coordinates, the starship itself is threatened by a space going, self-contained computer/probe calling itself Nomad. (original air date: September 29, 1967)
3468.1 Who Mourns for Adonais?
As the Enterprise nears the planet Pollux IV, a huge, green hand made of energy materializes in space, catching the Enterprise and holding it captive. (original air date: September 22, 1967)
3478.2 The Deadly Years
The Enterprise stops to deliver supplies to the colonists of Gamma Hydra IV. They find that accelerated aging has taken place, killing most of the colonists. (original air date: December 8, 1967)
3497.2 Friday's Child
Sent to the planet Capella IV to negotiate a mining treaty, Kirk and a party beam to the surface and find that a Klingon agent, Kras, has gotten there before them and established an agreement with some of the planet's rebels. (original air date: December 1, 1967)
358?.? Mirror, Mirror
Scotty beams the landing party aboard as a burst from the storm hits the starship. The transporter malfunctions, sending Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura into an alternate universe. (original air date: October 6, 1967)
3614.9 Wolf in the Fold
Scotty is accused of killing a young dancer from a nightclub on the planet Argelian. (original air date: December 22, 1967)
3619.2 Obsession
Eleven years ago, the U.S.S. Farragut encountered a deadly cloud creature with vampire-like tendencies. On his way to deliver necessary medical supplies, Kirk encounters what he believes is the same blood-sucking entity. (original air date: December 15, 1967)
3715.0 The Apple
When a landing party beams down to the planet Gamma Trianguli VI, they find what appears to be an idyllic paradise. (original air date: October 13, 1967)
3842.3 Journey to Babel
The Enterprise is appointed to transport ambassadors from many worlds to the Babel Conferences. Among those aboard are Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan and his human wife, Amanda... Spock's parents. (original air date: November 17, 1967)
4040.7 Bread and Circuses
The Enterprise finds the wreckage of the S.S. Beagle, with no survivors, orbiting near the Planet 892-IV. (original air date: March 15, 1968)
4202.9 The Doomsday Machine
Sent to investigate the destruction of several planetary systems, the Enterprise discovers a crippled starship, the U.S.S. Constellation, floating in space. (original air date: October 20, 1967)
4211.4 A Private Little War
The Enterprise is sent to the planet Neural to gather vegetation samples, were years ago, Kirk had headed a planetary survey and became friends with one of the planet's leader, Tyree. (original air date: February 2, 1968)
4307.1 The Immunity Syndrome
Bound for shore leave after a particularly difficult mission, the Enterprise receives an emergency rescue call. Contact has been lost with system Gamma 7A and Starbase 6 wants Kirk to check it out. (original air date: January 19, 1968)
4372.5 Elaan of Troyius
Two United Federation of Planets members, Elas and Troyius, suffered war for centuries. With Klingon Empire expansion approaching the planets' system the Federation sends the Enterprise to lend assistance in a peace negotiation. (original air date: December 20, 1968)
4385.3 Spectre of the Gun
Kirk ignores an alien buoy that warns the Enterprise that it is trespassing into Melkotian space and continues forward when the Melkots transport Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and Chekov to a recreation of Earth's wild west. (original air date: October 25, 1968)
4513.3 I, Mudd
An android pretending to be a member of the Enterprise crew, takes control of the starship and her crew, taking them to an unnamed planet where Kirk discovers an old nemesis... Harry Mudd. (We first meet Mudd on stardate 1329.1.) (original air date: November 3, 1967)
4523.3 The Trouble With Tribbles
When the Enterprise receives a top priority order to protect a shipment of quadrotriticale grain on Space Station K-7, Kirk is irritated to be guarding a shipment of wheat. This episode happens at the same time as the Deep Space 9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations. (original air date: December 29, 1967)
4598.0 A Piece of the Action
The planet Iotia's last visit by the Federation was by the U.S.S. Horizon... a hundred years before. Realizing the lapse in monitoring the planet, the Federation sends the Enterprise to observe the progress of Iotia's population. (original air date: January 12, 1968)
4657.5 By Any Other Name
When the Enterprise answers a distress call from a small planet, the landing party is captured by a group of agents from the Kelvan empire, located in the distant Andromeda galaxy. (original air date: February 23, 1968)
469?.? THe Omega Glory
The Enterprise finds a crewless starship, the U.S.S. Exeter, in orbit around the planet Omega IV. The boarding party from the Enterprise contracts a virus that may have killed the Exeter's crew, but the biosphere on Omega IV is found to contain an immunity. (original air date: March 1, 1968)
4729.4 The Ultimate Computer
The Enterprise is chosen to be the test ship for the new M-5 Multitronic computer system, a computer meant to be able to run a starship without human intervention. (original air date: March 8, 1968)
4768.3 Return to Tomorrow
A landing party beams down to the long-dead planet, Arret. They find a deep cave containing three living, disembodied, highly intelligent beings. (original air date: February 9, 1968)
4842.6 The Paradise Syndrome
Investigating a planet in danger of collision with an asteroid, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Doctor McCoy discover both Native American inhabitants and a strange alien obelisk. While examining the obelisk, Kirk is accidentally trapped inside. (original air date: March 8, 1968)
49??.? Assignment Earth
Sent back in time to find out how Earth managed to survive without destroying itself, the Enterprise inadvertently beams aboard a space traveler, Gary Seven, along with his black cat, Isis. (original air date: March 29, 1968)
5027.3 The Enterprise Incident
Seeming tense and erratic, Captain Kirk takes the Enterprise into Romulan space and the ship is immediately surrounded by Romulan warships. (original air date: September 27, 1968)
5027.3 And the Children Shall Lead
When the Enterprise finds that all the adults in the Starnes expedition to Triacus have killed themselves, they beam to the planet's surface to investigate. (original air date: October 11, 1968)
5121.5 The Empath
The Enterprise goes to pick up research personnel on the second planet of the star, Minara. While Kirk, Spock and McCoy are on the surface, a radiation storm endangers the starship and Scotty takes the Enterprise out of orbit. (original air date: December 6, 1968)
5423.4 The Mark of Gideon
The United Federation of Planets sends the Enterprise to Gideon, in the hope that the Gideons will accede and become a member. (original air date: January 17, 1969)
5431.4 Spock's Brain
The Enterprise is on a routine mission in deep space when a beautiful young woman beamed onto the bridge. Without a word, she touches a band on her wrist and everyone is rendered unconscious. (original air date: September 20, 1968)
5476.3 For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
At the same time McCoy discovers that he has a year to live, the Enterprise encounters the asteroid Yonada which is determined to be artificially propelled. (original air date: November 8, 1968)
557?.? That Which Survives
As a landing party prepares to beam down to a previously unexplored Class M planet, a beautiful woman, Losira, appears. (original air date: January 24, 1969)
5630.7 Is There In Truth No Beauty
In an attempt to adapt Medusan technology to Federation use, and vice versa, the Enterprise picks up Medusan ambassador Kollos, instrument specialist Lawrence Marvick and telepath Dr. Miranda Jones. (original air date: October 18, 1968)
566?.? Day of the Dove
A Enterprise landing party beams to a human-colonized planet in answer to a distress call. A Klingon ship, apparently damaged, is detected and a group of Klingons accuse Kirk of having damaged their ship. (original air date: November 1, 1968)
5693.2 Tholian Web
The Enterprise arrives in an uncharted area of space to answer a distress call from the Defiant. The starship is visible on their viewscreen, but sensors on board the Enterprise say that it is not. (original air date: November 15, 1968)
5710.5 Wink of an Eye
The Enterprise responds to a distress call from the planet Scalos; the call shows several Scalosians asking for assistance. Arriving at Scalos, however, the crew find only an empty city, with no life forms registering on tricorder scans. (original air date: November 19, 1968)
5718.3 Whom Gods Destroy
Elba II, a planet with a poisonous atmosphere, also has a facility beneath its surface for the incurably, criminally insane. The Enterprise is bringing a new medicine with which they hope to eliminate mental illness forever. (original air date: January 3, 1969)
5725.3 The Lights of Zetar
The Enterprise's mission is to take Lt. Mira Romaine to Memory Alpha, the central library for the United Federation of Planets. While in orbit, an energy storm destroys all the inhabitants of Memory Alpha. (original air date: January 31, 1969)
5730.2 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
The Enterprise intercepts a stolen Federation shuttlecraft which contains a humanoid named Lokai. Taken aboard the ship, Lokai tells the crew he is from the planet Cheron, and asks for asylum on the Enterprise. (original air date: January 10, 1969)
5784.2 Plato's Stepchildren
When the Enterprise receives a distress call from the planet Platonius, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to the planet's surface. The Platonians, while powerful psycho kinetics, have no resistance against physical injury. (original air date: November 22, 1968)
5818.4 The Cloud Minders
The Enterprise comes to the planet Ardana to acquire zienite, a rare mineral needed to stop a planet-wide plague. The zienite is not available, however, because the miner class Troglytes are rebelling against the rulers of Ardana, who live in the cloud-city of Stratos. (original air date: February 28, 1969)
5832.3 The Way to Eden
Chasing the stolen vessel Aurora, the Enterprise rescues the thieves just before the Aurora is destroyed. The group is led by Dr. Sevrin in a search for a mythological planet named Eden, a planet reputed to be a paradise. (original air date: February 21, 1969)
5843.7 Requiem For Methuselah
Rigellian fever, an extremely deadly plague, strikes the Enterprise crew. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a supposedly uninhabited planet, Holberg 917-G, in search of the only known antidote, ryetalyn. (original air date: February 14, 1969)
5906.4 The Savage Curtain
The Enterprise is scanned by a powerful energy source coming from the planet Excalbia. The starship had been sent to survey the planet, but it was thought to consist of nothing but a lavalike surface without inhabitants. (original air date: March 7, 1969)
5928.5 Turnabout Intruder (series finale)
On their way to Beta Aurigae, the Enterprise receives a call for help from Camus II. The landing party finds only Janice Lester and Dr. Coleman, who claim that the everyone else was killed by celebium radiation. (original air date: June 3, 1969)
5943.7 All Our Yesterdays
The crew of the Enterprise investigate the planet Sarpeidon whose sun is soon to go nova. Upon beaming to the surface, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy discover the inhabitants gone and a library containing the planet's accumulated knowledge. (original air date: March 14, 1969)