Star Trek: TNG
Episode Information

First Season (1987-1988) Episodes 101-126
101--Encounter at Farpoint (part 1): An alien force tries the crew for the crimes of mankind.
102--Encounter at Farpoint (part 2): "Q" continues to keep the Enterprise on trail for the crimes of mankind.
103--The Naked Now: A mysterious virus takes control of the Enterprise crew.
104--Code of Honor: Capt. Picard battles an alien code of honor to rescue Lt. Yar from her kidnappers.
105--Haven: Will Counselor Troi leave the Enterprise for a pre-arranged marriage?
106--Where No One Has Gone Before: The crew encounters a galaxy where thoughts become a reality.
107--The Last Outpost: An alien inquisitor puts the fate of the Enterprise into Riker's hands.
108--Lonely Among Us: A deadly energy force invades the Enterprise-and Capt. Picard's mind!
109--Justice: Capt. Picard risks it all to save Wesley from a death sentence.
110--The Battle: An old enemy settles a deadly score with Capt. Picard.
111--Hide and "Q": The Mysterious "Q" tempts Riker with limitless power.
112--Too Short A Season: The Enterprise plays host to a famous Admiral with a deadly secret.
113--The Big Good-bye: A holodeck malfunction traps Capt. Picard in the year 1941.
114--Datalore: Data's android twin is out to destroy the crew.
115--Angel One: Male fugitives face certain death on a planet ruled by women.
116--11001001: Aliens take control of the ship's computer.
117--Home Soil: A microscopic life form threatens to destroy the Enterprise
118--When The Bough Breaks: An alien race kidnaps children from the Enterprise.
119--Coming of Age: Starfleet questions Capt. Picard's competency.
120--Heart of Glory: Lt. Worf's loyalties are tested by fugitive Klingon terrorists.
121--The Arsenal of Freedom: Computerized weapons play deadly games with the crew.
122--Skin of Evil: The line of duty spells death for a Starfleet Officer
123--Symbiosis: A powerful drug lets one race control another.
124--We'll Always Have Paris: Capt. Picard rekindles an unforgettable romance.
125--Conspiracy: Picard discovers a deadly conspiracy in Starfleet command.
126--The Neutral Zone: The crew faces an explosive showdown in the Neutral Zone.

Second Season (1988-1989) Episodes 127-148
127--The Child:The crew s stunned to learn that Troi is pregnant
128--Where Silence Has Lease: The crew is held hostage by a murderous being who performs deadly experiments.
129--Elementary, Dear Data: Data pretends to be Sherlock Holmes-and gets caught in a real-life mystery.
130--The Outrageous Okona: A wisecracking fugitive leads Data to try his hand at comedy.
131--The Schizoid Man: A dying scientist takes over Data's body and brain.
132--Loud as a Whisper: A deaf mediator is a planet's last hope for survival.
133--Unnatural Selection: Dr. Pulaski falls victim to a disease that speeds the aging process.
134--A Matter of Honor: A new assignment pits him against the Enterprise.
135--A Measure of a Man: Data's fighting for survival after Starfleet decides to disassemble him.
136--The Dauphin: Wesley's first love hides a secret that could destroy the enterprise.
137--Contagion: A computer malfunction programs the ship for self-destruction.
138--The Royale: The crew is caught in the grip of an alien game.
139--Time Squared: Can Capt. Picard and the crew escape a deadly time warp?
140--The Icarus Factor: Riker must choose between the Enterprise and his own ship.
141--Pen Pals: Data desperately tries to save his friend before the planet self-destructs.
142--"Q" Who?: Capt. Picard's malicious nemesis sets up the crew for disaster.
143--The Samaritan Snare: Picard fights for his life as a hostage crisis threatens the crew.
144--Up the Long Ladder: A race of clones needs the crew's help for survival.
145--Manhunt: Troi's mother is on a manhunt.
146--The Emissary: Worf is endangered by a deadly but beautiful Klingon.
147--Peak Performance: When a mock battle turns real, can the crew survive?
148--Shades of Grey: An alien organism attacks Riker's body and brain.

Third Season (1989-90) Episodes 149-174
149--The Ensigns of Command: Hostile aliens prepare to execute a human civilization.
150--Evolution: The Enterprise is seized by a mysterious deadly force.
151--The Survivors: Capt. Picard tries to unravel the mystery of a two-person planet.
152--Who Watches the Watchers: A primitive culture worships the Captain.
153--The Bonding: Worf saves an orphaned boy from a devastating past.
154--Booby Trap: The Enterprise is caught in a deadly trap.
155--The Enemy: The crew fears the worst when Geordi's lost on a dying planet.
156--The Price: Troi learns a devastating secret about her new love.
157--The Vengance Factor: The crews peace talks are sabotaged by a beautiful assassin.
158--The Defector: Will Capt. Picard be tricked into war by the Romulans.
159--The Hunted: A soldier programmed to kill boards the Enterprise.
160--The High Ground: A radical terrorist group takes Beverly hostage.
161--Deja "Q": Q's appearance on the Enterprise could spell disaster for Data.
162--A Matter of Perspective: Did Riker seduce a woman and kill her husband?
163--Yesterday's Enterprise: The Starship Enterprise meets its past on a shocking journey.
164--The Offspring: Data creates an android daughter.
165--Sins of a Father: Worf and his long-lost brother defend the family honor.
166--Allegiance: An alien replica of Picard puts the crew on a collision course with disaster.
167--Captain's Holiday: Picard's tropical vacation turns into a desperate search to save the future.
168--Tin Man: The crew is caught between the enemy and an exploding star.
169--Hollow Pursuits: An officer who's hooked on the holodeck could destroy the ship.
170--The Most Toys: An explosion could prove fatal.
171--Sarek: An outbreak of violence rocks the Enterprise.
172--Menage A Troi: Troi and her mother are abducted by the Ferengi.
173--Transfigurations: The Enterprise is stunned by incredible powers of a mysterious humanoid.
174--The Best of Both Worlds (part1): Will the Evil Borg use Picard to conquer the human race?

Fourth Season (1990-1991) Episodes 175-200
175--The Best of Both Worlds (part 2): Riker must choose between saving Picard and saving humanity when the Borg kidnap Captain as part of their plan to destory the Earth.
176--Suddenly Human: Wil Picard risk war to protect a human from his abusive alien father?
177--Brothers: Data clashes with his evil brother, Lore.
178--Family: The Captain visits Earth to face off with his jealous older brother.
179--Remember Me: The Enterprise crew is disappearing into thin air.
180--Legacy: Worf battles a Klingon who framed him.
181--Reunion: Does Data's new comrade have a deadly secret plan?
182--Future Imperfect: Future Shocked! 16 years mysteriously pass. Now Riker is a father and Enterprise Captain!
183--Final Mission: Picard is dying on a desert planet and only Wesley can save him.
184--The Loss: Troi mysteriously loses her Betazoid powers.
185--Data's Day: Will a friend's wedding bring out the emotion in Data?
186--The Wounded: Picard must stop a renegade Federation starship which is making unprovoked attacks on a former enemy's ship.
187--Devil's Due: Picard fights to save a terrorized planet from a powerful women who claims to be the devil
188--Clues: Data must lie to Picard to protect the crew
189--First Contact: Aliens mistake Riker for a brutal invader.
190--Galaxy Child: The Enterprise becomes a surrogate mother to an alien creature after Picard is forced to destory it's mother.
191--Night Terrors: Unexplained paranoia threatens to drive the crew insane.
192--Identity Crisis: A deadly parasite threatens to transform Geordi into an alien creature.
193--The Nth Degree: A shy man's transformation into a super-intelligent being endangers the ship.
194--Qpid: The mischievous "Q" turns Picard into Robin Hood
195--The Drumhead: An explosion on board points to a traitor in the crew.
196--Half A Life: Picard clashes with an alien society over their mandatory suicide ritual.
197--The Host: Beverly falls in Love with an alien ambassador
198--The Mind's Eye: Romulan mind control turns Geordi into an assassin.
199--In Theory: Data experiments with love with a fellow crewmember.
200--Redemption (part 1): Will loyalty to his people threaten Worf's duty to the Federation.

Fifth Season (1991-1992) Episodes 201-226
201--Redemption (part 2): Picard risks an all out war when he involves Starfleet in a Klingon Civil War.
202--Darmok: Picard must communicate with an alien captain-or go to war.
203--Ensign Ro: the crew hunts for the leader of a terrorist race.
204--Silicon Avatar: Picard fights to protect a mysterious creature that has killed thousands.
205--Disaster: A crippled ship. And injured crew. And only Troi can save them!
206--The Game: The crew is enslaved by an addictive mind game.
207--Unification (part 2) [Yes that is correct, part 2 is before part 1!]: Picard and Mr. Spock clash over a proposed unification of the Romulans and Vulcans
208--Unification (part 1): Picard and Data investigate an unauthorized mission undertaken by the Federation's legendary Mr. Spock.
209--A Matter of Time: Picard's quest to save an endangered planet leads him to violate the Prime Directive when he seeks advice from a visitor from the future.
210--New Ground: Worf battles his toughest opponent: his son.
211--Hero Worship: A traumatized boy wants to be like Data.
212--Violations: Crew members fall into unexplained comas when the Enterprise plays host to an alien ship.
213--The Masterpiece Society: By aiding a Utopian society in danger, Picard and crew may destroy it.
214--Conundrum: Stricken with amnesia, Picard and the crew discover orders to conduct a mysterious war.
215--Power Play: Inhabited by aliens Troi and Data seize the Enterprise.
216--Ethics: Paralyzed in an accident, Worf wishes to follow the Klingon custom--and kill himself.
217--The Outcast:Riker's passion endangers a member of an androgynous race.
218--Cause and Effect:Can the crew find an escape from a deadly moment in time?
219--The First Duty:Caught in a cover-up, will Wesley lie to protect his friends?
220--Cost of Living:Troi clashes with her freewheeling mother over how to raise Worf's son.
221--The Perfect Mate:Will Picard succumb to a woman who has been promised to another man?
222--Imaginary Friend: Is a child's imaginary friend actually an alien plotting to destroy the Enterprise?
223--I, Borg: An injured enemy. A divided crew. What will Picard decide?
224--The Next Phase: A botched transport traps Geordi and Ro between two worlds!
225--The Inner Light:Knocked unconscious, Picard finds himself living life as another man on another planet.
226--Time's Arrow (part 1): Data learns he died in the 19th century! Can the crew save him from a fate that has already happened?

Sixth Season (1992-1993) Episodes 227-252
227--Time's Arrow (part 2): A sealed fate. A fallen friend. Can the crew get Data to the future in time to save him?
228--Realm of Fear: Will Lt. Barclay's fear of transporting threaten a mission?
229--Man of the People: A visiting ambassador sacrifices Troi in an attempt to achieve his goals!
230--Relics:Trapped in limbo for 75 years, the original Star Trek's "Scotty" joins the crew for a daring adventure.
231--Schisms:An alien force is removing crew members from the ship!
232--True Q:A young woman's dreams are shattered when she learns she's a Q.
233--Rascals:An accident turns Picard and three others into 12 year old children.
234--A Fistful of Datas: Worf and his son are trapped in a Wild West fantasy--and Data's the villain.
235--The Quality of Life: Data endangers Picard to save a fellow machine.
236--Chain of Command (part 1): Picard is kidnapped after resigning his post to lead a dangerous mission.
237--Chain of Command (part 2): Will the Enterprise's new captain let Picard die in enemy hands?
238--Ship in a Bottle: A conniving Sherlock Holmes character traps the senior staff inside a holodeck fantasy.
239--Aquiel: Geordi falls in love with an alien lieutenant who is a murder suspect.
240--Face of the Enemy: Kidnapped by the Romulans, Troi is forced to join them on a deadly mission.
241--Tapestry: After Picard loses his life in a surprise attack, Q gives him the chance to change his destiny.
242--Birthright (part 1): Worf and Data embark on unusual journey to seek out their fathers.
243--Birthright (part 2): Imprisoned by Klingons who live with Romulans, will Worf accept their ways--or die?
244--Starship Mine: While the Enterprise is bombarded with lethal rays, Picard is trapped on board with a band of thieves.
245--Lessons: Picard falls for a brilliant new crew member. But will romance turn to tragedy when he orders to her death?
246--The Chase: A billion year old genetic puzzle brings together allies and enemies.
247--Frame of Mind: Trapped in an alien mental hospital, Riker is convinced he is going insane.
248--Suspicions: Beverly risks everything to prove a Ferengi genius was murdered.
249--Rightful Heir: Worf challenges a Klingon who has returned from the dead.
250--Second Chances: A routine mission brings Riker face to face with himself.
251--Timescape: Picard is caught in limbo where time is meaningless. Can he save the Enterprise from destruction? 
252--Descent (part 1): The Borg return and tempt Data when they help him feel his first emotion.

Seventh Season (1993-1994) Episodes 253-278
253--Descent (part 2): Will Data and the Borg cause the Federation's ultimate destruction?
254--Liaisons: A visit by alien ambassadors wreaks havoc for Picard, Worf and Troi.
255--Interface: Will Geordi defy Picard's orders and risk his life to save his mother?
256--Gambit (part 1): Picard poses as a mercenary to infiltrate a ruthless smuggling ring.
257--Gambit (part 2): Picard and Riker masquerade as mercenaries in order to retrieve a potentially lethal Vulcan artifact.
258--Phantasms: Data's dreams turn into a nightmare for the rest of the Enterprise crew.
259--Dark Page: A painful secret from the past threatens Lwaxana Troi's life.
260--Attached: Telepathically joined by hostile captors, Picard and Beverly make a shocking realization--they could be in love!
261--Force of Nature: Picard learns that by exploring the universe the Enterprise may actually be destroying it.
262--Inheritance: When his creator's wife visits the Enterprise, Data must cope with "feelings" he never knew he had.
263--Parallels: When life on the Enterprise stops making sense, why is Worf the only one who notices?
264--The Pegasus: Forced to hide an illegal mission from Picard, will Riker obey his orders--or his conscience?
265--Homeward: Worf clashes with his foster brother over the fate of a doomed alien race.
266--Sub Rosa: Has Beverly fallen in love with a ghost--or is she living a nightmare?
267--Lower Decks: As young officers compete for promotions, a top-secret mission threatens to test their strength.
268--Thine Own Self: Data is stranded on a primitive planet where the inhabitants fear he is carrying a deadly plague.
269--Masks: An ancient terror takes over Data's body. How far must Picard go to bring him back?
270--Eye of the Beholder: Troi and Worf give in to passion--but her jealousy may tear them apart.
271--Genesis: Picard discovers his ship has become a prehistoric nightmare!
272--Journey's End: When Wesley Crusher questions his duties, will he lead a rebellion against Picard?
273--Firstborn: A mysterious family friend arrives to help transform Alexander into a warrior.
274--Bloodlines: Picard meets the son he never knew he had--and an old enemy wants him dead.
275--Emergence: The Enterprise develops the ability to think--but its actions may doom the crew.
276--Preemptive Strike: Ro Laren is forced to choose between her loyalty to Picard and her hatred toward Cardassia.
277--All Good Things (part 1): Picard travels between the past, present and future to prevent the destruction of humanity.
278--All Good Things (part 2): Conclusion